You must be over the age of 18 to enter into a commission contract agreement with me and be willing to provide valid, up to date identification upon request. Any identification given as proof will be deleted from my records after inspection, in accordance with current GDPR regulations. Any addresses and phone numbers given, which are requested for shipping purposes only, will also be purged as soon as the commission has been completed and is physically with the client.

Selkie Suits is not responsible for the actions of clientele, previous and current, nor do we have the time or access to complete arduous background checks to be all-knowing about the outside behaviour of submitters to our queue. My sole aim is to create costumes to specification, my ties with clientele goes no further than this.


2-3 sided view reference sheet of request. 30% non refundable deposit - detailed below. Measurements depending on commission type, likely including head, hands, feet and for full or half suits, a duct tape dummy (DTD). Clear instructions on what measurements are needed will be given after deposit has been paid. For fullsuits I must receive your DTD as soon as possible as I work with very short queues. To allow time for DTD creation, I will work on other parts of the suit but will also discuss placement in the queue with regards to other applicants (1-3 persons max per queue). Personal details will not be given between clients, just basic information will be given to construct and agree on where you are best placed in the queue e.g. “I have 1 partial and 1 full suit on queue, would you prefer for your project to be worked on after the partial” etc. This also allows for time and discussion if payment plans are needed, though they must be short.


Fixed quotes are only available during commission openings due to varying factors from material availability to technical application, more details can be found on the ‘Quotes’ page. Any quotes given outwith commission openings are subject to change. Commission slots are open for 5-7 days and are announced heavily beforehand on many social channels. If I am unable to announce openings far ahead of time, given the forms are open for a week should give ample time to get the information required in order. Quotes are only valid during openings so we ask that you are very serious about commissioning before submitting an application. Pricing will likely increase each year to factor in increased knowledge gained, skill progression, overall demand and cost of living increases.


At this time I am executing full suit commissions at around 8 to 12 weeks on average, depending on character complexity. Partials at around 4-6 weeks and part only commissions varying between 2-3 weeks. When working on your project, you are provided with weekly updates including videos with explanations of the project timeline. There is complete transparency about what’s happening with your project. I will usually ask if you are on an instant messaging service for these updates, any important correspondance will be done via email for record keeping on both sides. I only take on a couple of projects at a time so turnaround is quick, within 4-6 months of you receiving your quote and dependant on the level of difficulty of each project will reflect on how long your wait might be. I do not take guaranteed deadlines, loose requests are accepted on a case by case basis but must be discussed before I invoice you as others may want suits for the same event. 


Pricing is a very detailed undertaking based on a number of factors (design complexity, price of materials, labour, etc) and in essence I cannot freely give out hard quotes when I am not open for commissions. If you are interested in a loose estimate, there is a graphic HERE that starts at basic cost, I would add a few hundred onto the basic to give you an idea. If you’re really unsure, I can provide a ball-park figure, but be aware the price, if given, will not hold or bind me to that exact figure upon a new commission opening. Please contact me via email at selkiesuits@gmail.com if you require an estimate.


Bank Transfer Only. Every client will be provided with a commericial invoice to solidify the agreement for the goods and services provided by Selkie Suits. To this date, 5 years trading, I have fufilled every order accepted so I feel I am eligible for direct payment. Your invoice will act as a legal document of proof of work I will be doing for you, which means you are covered via the Consumer Protection Act and your statutory rights are unaffected by my payment terms. A 30% deposit payment is required within 5 days of receiving your invoice. This deposit is non-refundable and is used for materials, preparation, administration and ultimately, time. If a refund is requested, beyond the 30%, the amount will depend on what stage in the process I am with construction -  with materials, total time and reason for dismissal factored. I ship costumes Worldwide - details are discussed on an individual basis. The client is responsible for paying for shipping, with full insurance being highly encouraged. Any customs charges applied in accordance with the client’s country regulations are also the responsibility of the client.


This could also be applicable to any overseas shipping scenario

If you order a part, partial or full fursuit from me, it is of importance that you read up on your customs regulations pertaining to your country. There are now restrictions in place that means it’s highly likely your costume will have customs and handling fees atributed to it. I am in no way responsible for these fees and I cannot control how much you may be liable to pay to release your goods but it usually is around 20-30% of the full price paid for the suit/parts. I will not lie about the cost of the suit, this MUST be included on commercial invoices for international shipping. This is non negotiable. My only responsibility to you in regards to shipping, is, to make sure that you are aware of the postal choices available, that you are in agreement to reimburse me for shipping including any insurance added, that the items are packaged securely and that documentation that I send i.e. customs declarations, invoicing, packing list, is correct and financially accurate. Please visit https://www.parcelmonkey.co.uk/how-will-brexit-affect-parcel-deliveries-to-the-eu for more indepth detail if interested.


There are cats on the premises at Selkie Suits as it’s a domestic business. The workshop is external, so our cats cannot physically enter the space, however, fibres may be transmitted between areas. While the best effort is made to not allow any contact, there is not an absolute guarantee costumes will be 100% allergen free.


If your completed costume arrives damaged or there are faults upon initial wear you must raise them to me within 14 days of receiving your product. If this is the case I will repair the suit if the faults are due to my construction at no cost to the client. Selkie Suits’ products come with a standard limited 2 month warranty. This covers repairs during normal wear and tear upon receiving the costume as any maker errors would be found within this time. An example of normal wear and tear would be, loose teeth/claws, small holes in bodysuits, stitching loosening, etc after only a couple of wears. THIS EXCLUDES SEVERE MISUSE OUTRIGHT.

Repairs and modifications to suits outwith the warranty, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will depend on how much strain your suit has been put under. Return shipping must be covered by the client. Details will be discussed via email including the estimate cost of repairs/alterations per my hourly rate. Any alterations to your costume not by made by me, will void the warranty outright. We do ask that you please make sure your suit or any parts are CLEAN before they are sent. If items are sent unwashed a surcharge will be added to your repairs invoice and your warranty will be void for any future repairs if still within the 2 month grace period - no exceptions. If there are any unpleasant odours, old stains, soiled parts or if it is in extreme disrepair it will be sent back to you immediately and I will not work on your costume again. You are free to do whatever you want with your costume, we just ask that you are respectful if needing repairs. I do not take on repairs or modifcations on works by other artists.