Before submitting a quote form when live, please be sure to read the Terms of Sale in it’s entirety

When commissions are open, there will be a link to a quote application form on this page and on all social channels. I try and engage with potential clients a month before the opening so it’s not out of the blue. Sometimes I am unable to do this but my form is usually open for an entire week and is never first come, first served.

Please only fill out a form if you are serious about commissioning at the time of opening as when I open I have no backlog of work and want to start immediately getting materials, namely fur ordered and timelines sent to you so you know what will be worked on, what order and why. Basic pricing (i.e. one colour character, no extras) can be found under ‘Pricing’ if you are unsure. If you receive a quote, it will only be honoured for the current commission opening and cannot be brought forward to future openings - a new form will be requested to be submitted. 

The form is very straightforward, asking you questions about the kind of suit you want, expressions, any extras, etc.  The form is live for about 5 to 7 days, so there’s no need to rush your entry. The only solid requirements for submitting a form, is having valid photo ID for age verification and a clear, un-shaded 2-3 sided reference sheet. There are a myriad of talented artists out there that can help with your reference and if you’re really stuck, there is also free lineart documents you can use. Failure to provide a reference will mean the application is automatically discarded. 

Kopakonan Reference

An example of a 2-sided reference sheet of ‘Kopakonan’, our Selkie Suits mascot. ‘Kopa’ was created from scratch by the extremely talented Sketchbuck, please check out their work: https://www.sketchbuck.com

Applicants are NOT taken on a first come, first served basis, so please fill out the form correctly, there’s plenty time to do so.

Full, half suit and bodysuit commissions will require a duct tape dummy (DTD), no exceptions. DTDs are to be sent before you’re work begins on your suit, I will provide that estimate time for you. Full instructions of my personal DTD requirements will be given in a follow up email when your deposit payment has been accepted. Failure to provide a DTD to the standard asked, may result in a surcharge being demanded. I realise and sympathise that DTD creation can be physically demanding, but it will give the absolute best fitting results, especially so, if my guidelines are adhered to. Before commissioning, please research duct tape dummies if you are considering a bodysuit. I will be asking for DTDs to now include one taped foot (both taped if your design is a-symmetrical)

Once processed, successful applicants will be contacted within 72 hours of the closing date. If you were unsuccessful, unfortunately you will not be contacted due to increasing demand for my work. The applicant’s commission slot will only be guaranteed once the invoice has been sent and the 30% deposit payment has been processed. We ask that deposits are paid within 5 days. Failure to provide the deposit will void the invoice and the slot will be given to another applicant immediately.

We ask again, please only submit an application if you are serious about Selkie Suits creating your bespoke, beloved character. If you have any questions, please get in touch via the ‘Contact’ form.

What can you expect from a Selkie Suit?

What to expect quote page

This is where the magic happens! This garage was converted into a fully functioning creative space in early 2022. If you’d like to see how ‘Selkie Suits HQ’ was built, WATCH IT HERE!

Huge thanks again to my one-off and regular Kofi members for all the support and donations - if you’d like to become a member of the Selkie Crew CLICK HERE!


Selkie Suits’ heads are made with flexible polyurethane foam, otherwise known as upholstery foam. This makes our heads very lightweight and flexible. I do not offer moving jaws, resin or 3D printed heads at this time. Selkie Suits’ heads are static, though I do have expression options - velcro attached eyelids and I will be implementing magnetic/velcro set points for tongue switches where the tongues will be posable with armature wire as opposed to magnetic points on the muzzle. Please note that I no longer offer magnetised eyelids as velcro offers the same result with more expression options, is cheaper and much quicker to install.

All heads are lined internally with neoprene scuba fabric. This neoprene is not the same fabric that’s used for wet suits so will not insulate you further. It is a lightweight wicking fabric that offers more padding for the wearer and offers a surface that is wipeable for cleaning and protection against the upholstery foam that is used to build the head.

Heads are also fully adjustable for the wearer as there is a lined cap inside with a velcro tab at the back to ensure your fit is correct. Before constuction you will be asked to send specific head measurements including circumference of your head at widest point, ear overhead to ear, top of forehead to base of neck and chin circumference to neck - don’t worry if this sounds confusing, diagrams are sent with the request. During construction the measurements requested will be used to so your headbase is the right dimensions, so please make sure they are correct!

A second liner of branded lycra is used to finish off lining your head and stops around the mid-neck piece. This fabric is extremely thin and will not add any insulation to the wearer.

Headliner Headexample

My heads offer a very small central blind spot which means the vision is very good, both with ‘follow-me eyes or flat ‘2D’ eyes. Please make a point of letting me know which eye style you prefer - this is asked in the commission form when live. The eye mesh is sealed both internally & externally and are waterproof, though it is still advised to keep them dry to prolong the life of your suit head. At the moment, I am using altered Schneepardi’s 3D printed eye blanks in all my heads but will be moving to use a local supplier or print my own in the future.


The muzzle portion is kept light and is hollowed out, making the front of the head light, with air being able to circulate. I do not offer fans to be installed into our heads as I don’t think they are necessary.

I do not work with hard materials with the exception of eye blanks - all heads are plush - meaning tongues, teeth and noses are all soft. I do not work with silicone or any other casted elements.

Currently I do not offer electronic fittings in any part of my costumes at this time.


I have three handpaws styles - ‘4 finger feral’, 4 finger ‘toony’ and 5 finger. All styles are shown at the commission form stage. The feral style are a symmetrical set which are more akin to the look of animal paws. The toony style has a distinctive left and right but with 4 digits and the 5 finger style which is self explanatory. Claws will cost extra for the creation and installation and will be asked at the commission form stage. I only create plush claws - I do not work with resin, 3D printed or silicone parts for handpaws.

All handpaw styles are unlined but finished with a high quality cuddle plush or velour fleece cuff matching your fur colour as close as possible. Following EU clothing standards, a tag will be installed on your LEFT HAND so you know which is which.

To create the puffy shapes in the paws, small, individual, removable pillows are used in the finger sections. These can be easily removed for washing. The reason I do not line handpaws is that I’ve had direct client feedback that they can be harder to put on after wear and they are harder to dry after washing. If you have an aversion to the backing of faux fur, I advise to obtain light lycra gloves for comfort.

Pawparts Paws

I also offer plush hand hooves, which is a 3 digit design made for ungulate characters.

All handpaws are created and finished in the same fashion and are universal in size, though I will check with you what your glove and approx wrist size is just incase but I’ve had no issues with the sizing of my handpaws (e.g. XS, S, M, L, XL).


Feetpaws and hooves are made with UK shoe size measurements in mind. I will ask you what your shoe size is and if from another country I will convert this to a UK shoe size. I will then purchase canvas style slip on shoes to your required size. Note, these will not be expensive shoes but will be good quality. I make plantigrade and digitigrade foot options. Claws are additional, plush only and asked at the commission form stage. I do not work with resin, 3D printed or silicone parts for feetpaws. ‘Outdoor’ feetpaws mean they come with a black rubber sole, ‘indoor’ mean that there is a sewn fur sole with cuddle fleece or velour fleece pawpad details. Following EU clothing standards, a tag will be installed on your LEFT HAND FOOT so you know which is which.

Tag Rubbersole

Plantigrade outdoor feetpaws will have an internal shoe, indoor style can too but usually I am asked for them to be completely plush - ‘sockpaw’ style in construction. I will ask you your preference if your commission is accepted. I do allow you to send me prefered trainers or shoes that you would like used, however they MUST BE CLEAN. If I am sent shoes that are unclean they will be returned and your commission may be cancelled due to not respecting my desire to work with hygienic materials.

All outdoor feetpaws include an EVA foam sole that is then covered with a 3mm rubber cover. This is to ensure the sole is waterproof and holds up during wear. The rubber sole can make your feetpaws a bit heavier - you can ask for no rubber sole but this will mean that your feetpaws aren’t as protected.


All feetpaw designs are lined with a thin quilted broadcloth or neoprene scuba - this is decided by me on the basis of what I think will work best for your chosen feetpaw design. All feetpaws are finished with high quality cuddle plush or velour fleece cuffs, closely matching the fur colour used.

Indoor plantigrade feetpaws are extremely lightweight and are usually shoeless and function like novelty slippers. Shoe installation for indoor plantigrade feetpaws can be requested but are not standard.

Slim style digitigrade outdoor feetpaws do not have an internal shoe install, due to the nature of the shape and length of the footpaw going up to your knee/half calf. Internally there is a custom sized liner with a EVA heel stopper and elastic strap that your foot will go under.

Shoeinners Cutepinkfeet

Slim style Indoor digitigrade feetpaws have the EVA heel stop but no elastic strap as, because there is no rubber sole, they are extremely lightweight and function more like novelty slippers.

For more exaggerated bodysuit shapes I offer a separate large footpaw style which I only use for bodysuit or full suit commissions. These footpaws are larger but are more akin to the plantigrade style as the footpaw ends just above the ankle. These feet will always have a shoe installed, whether outdoor or indoor style requested because they are quite big.


This section will be fairly short. All tails have one to two nylon straps fitted to the flat end so it can be worn on any belt. For large tails, there will be a zipper located on the bottom side to remove and replace the polyfill stuffing for washing and travel. For full suit commissions I create tails to be worn with the bodysuit, but can also be worn as a partial piece, including the nylon straps for belt wear.

Zippertail Partialtail

Bodysuit tails have a circular zipper on the end for attaching to your bodysuit so you do not have to wear a belt when full-suiting. If you request a very large tail e.g. floordragger style, I will recommend wearing a belt and will likely not install a zipper attachment. This can be discussed further if your commission is accepted. Internally unless a foam motion tail, the backing inside will be finished with an EVA cap and covered in a branded canvas fabric.


If you have requested armsleeves, I will ask you for specific arm measurements and a shoulder to shoulder measurement for the elastic attachments. I no longer line armsleeves but if requested, can be discussed but be mindful that lined armsleeves will add to your commission costs. Lining will add weight to your sleeves. A 3” elastic strap is attached around the back of the armsleeves which will keep the arms in place.


Handpaw measurements will be used to ensure the armsleeves overlap the paws nicely. Following EU clothing standards, a tag will be installed on your LEFT HAND SLEEVE so you know which sleeve is which.


All bodysuits are made to a very high standard with all main seams overlocked for a clean finish. I do not line any of my bodysuits, plantigrade or digitigrade. Good quality DTDs are ESSENTIAL for me to make you a great fitting bodysuit. I will give explicit instructions on how to create a good quality DTD (more info is at the start of this page). If you request attached parts for your bodysuit e.g. attached handpaws and feetpaws, your DTD has to include your feet and hands to ensure accuracy. Failure to do this for an attached part commission, will result in me asking you to create another DTD - so please, for your own sanity (and mine!) follow my instructions!

I offer slim style digitigrade and exaggerated digitigrade body styles.

Slim Thicc

Plantigrade bodysuits are more straightforward to make as there are no padding elements needed.

Digitigrade bodysuits come with an internal pocket-padding system. This means that I install bespoke pockets into the lower back and upper thigh sections of the suit. These pockets wrap around your lower half and have to be stuffed with polyfil to create the digitigrade shapes. The reason for this is I feel pillows can shift and this method offers a ‘stuff and wear’ style where once you’ve added the right amount of polyfil you don’t need to touch the padding again for the length of wear e.g. at a convention. This also offers an easy option for cleaning and for replacing the polyfil when required.

Paddingexample Paddingexample2

With slim style, your digitigrade feetpaws act as the bottom padding to give the desired shapes. With more exaggerated styles, your lower legs will have additional pockets installed. All pockets have a long zipper with a zipper cover to ensure it cannot snag on anything or cause any discomfort.

Bodysuits are accessed by a front zipper, usually along the central line of your suit. I will not usually install back zippers as I feel they are unsafe but if requested can be discussed.


Currently I use two altered patterns (to my own specifications) for a couple of feetpaw options I offer. I use the Matrices Plantigrade Footpaw Pattern for plantigrade fursuit options and I use the Freakhound Digitigrade Footpaw Pattern for my slim digitigrade style.

My exaggerated digitigrade style includes a footpaw that is constructed using my own pattern and this also goes for my ungulate style hooves.

I hope to develop my own set of plantigrade and slim digitigrade feetpaw styles in the future, I just require enough time to protoype and finalise the product.

For 3D printed eyes I am currently Schneepardi Creations Eye Blanks in some cases they are unaltered but sometimes I do alter the iris size with a dremel.

If you have any questions regarding the internal workings of our fursuits, please get in touch via the ‘Contact’ form or email me selkiesuits@gmail.com

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